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Reading your electric meter in Cancun Mexico

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Learn how to read your meter by clicking here

Forecast your electric bill for a private house or apartment in Cancun (or probably for all of Mexico).

If you are NOT from Cancun and want to know how much electricity costs here, then have a look at your electric bill wherever you live. Find out how many kWh you use in a 2 month period. Then �cheat� my little program. Example. You used 814 kWh in New York. Enter 814 as the current meter reading and 0 as the previous reading. Set the dates to a 2 month gap... and voila! I'll try to keep the rates current. I used the rates on a March 2003 electric bill. You can override the rates here.

Current Reading on Meter
Date of current reading (mm/dd/yyyy)
Last Reading on Meter
Date of last reading (mm/dd/yyyy)

Change the rates below if they are different for your area
On the first KWh Price is pesos
On the next KWh Price is pesos
On the remaining KWh Price is pesos


Cancun Electric Bill Tarif Rate Trivia: If you use less than 800kWh in each of 4 consecutive billing periods (8 months), you will move to Tarif 1B. This will cut your electric bill by 30 to 40%. Notice that I am on Tarif DAC, which means I blew it and must have went over the 800 at some point.

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