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Chichen Itza Private Express Tour

Tour includes:

  • Round trip air-conditioned transportation exclusively for your group
  • English speaking driver, entrance fee to C-itza and toll road fees
  • DOES NOT include guide in C-Itza (approx $48 USD), lunch for the driver or a tip if warranted

Itinerary: ITINERARY: It is a 2 ½ hour ride there. I suggest a 7 – 10 am departure (tour buses arrive around 12 noon and for me I would leave early at 7 or 8). Stay there for 2.5 – 3 hrs. Walk in the town, buy a few gifts, have lunch at the Mayaland hotel or in the town of Chichen-Itza, head back to Cancun early or go to Valladolid to see a small town. It is a great place to take a few photos in the park. It is up to you! (You get the vehicle for 10 hours. Extra hours are $30 p/hour.) OPTION: If you want to see the light & sound show that starts at 7pm you must depart at noon**. This gives you almost 3 hrs in the ruins. You can enjoy dinner and/or drinks at the Mayaland hotel or walk around the town. Return for the 7pm show, head back around 8:30pm and arrive into Cancun at 11pm. **If you want to depart earlier than noon for the light and sound show please add $30 per hr.

What to bring: Walking shoes, a hat, camera & sun screen.

Tour Length: It's up to you!
Departure Time: We suggest between 7-10 am
Days of Week: Daily

Online Bookings: You have nothing to lose by booking your tours on the web site before you arrive. It will save you time and money! Compare prices once you get here, change the dates, or cancel the reservation just by calling - and you don't pay until the day of your tour.

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