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Building gives you the best bang for the buck. Unfortunately, like everywhere else, it is the most prone to problems. You will need a good architect and general contractor to speed the process through.

You yourself must check at least once per day on progress or it will go astray. Example, I was building a palapa hut (grass hut) in my back yard with a bar for visiting guests. I wanted a tiled floor that was slightly sloped in various directions so that when it rains, the water stays out of the bar area. I also put in plumbing/drainage for a bar sink and put oversize hoses in the cement to accept cablevue, internet, and electricity. The hoses come up under the bar and run to various places around the outside of the house. The purpose here is flexibility.

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The finished palapa hut in my back yard. When a new friend arrives from a different country they are allowed to put their national flag in the bar.
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My back yard under construction. The cement floor is not level... it is designed for water runoff.
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