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Jeanines Beach Condo - Cancun (Punta Sam)

Jeanines beach studio is only 3km (approx 1.75 miles) from Cancun city and 5km from Cancun Hotel Zone. You can see both Isla Mujeres and the Hotel Zone from her beachfront balcony. City bus service runs every few minutes from the main road running right behind the property.

The area is quiet and peaceful. It's an excellent place to stay if you need to have access to the city or Isla Mujeres while getting away from the glitz and noise of the Hotel Zone. The boat to Isla Mujeres leaves from the dock just up the beach. Boats leave every 30 minutes in the daytime and evening.

Jeanines Beach Condo can be booked On-Line. Check the rates and book it here. Prices shown are per room (not per person)

The longer you stay the less expensive. Do NOT book the one year rate if you are staying for a week for example. She will email you and decline your reservation.

Reserve this Accomodation On-Line

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