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Road trip from Florida to Cancun

Day 7 - Escarcega to Cancun

Day 7: Escarcega to Cancun

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Road conditions are pretty good between Escarcega and Campeche. There are 2 ways to get to Cancun. Last year I went from Escarcega to Cancun via Chetumal. I recommend that over Escarcega via Campeche/Merida to Cancun. Both ways are about the same distance but the toll road from Campeche to Cancun is about USD $34 and it is free on the other route.

The Chetumal route also gives you a very good look at the Riviera Maya, or tourist corridor south of Cancun.

The toll road to Cancun from Merida is excellent. If you have time, stop in to Chichen Itza and see the pyramid and also the town of Vallodalid... well worth a visit.

All along the trip I had my Etrex Vista global satellite gizmo pointing the way. Here I zoomed out so I could see the entire trip... probably 3,500 miles from Fort Lauderdale to Cancun. The gizmo was very handy when I got lost in a few towns and needed to see where the main highway was. The interior map of Mexico on the Garmin Extrex Vista was terrible but at least it showed the major highways.

The beach in Cancun

Summary: I hope you enjoyed this Trip Report as much as I enjoyed the drive. If it helps just one person, my Cancun Assist hobby will have served a worthy purpose... Scott Wilson - May 2005

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