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Road trip from Florida to Cancun

Day 4 - Depart New Orleans for Brownsville Texas

Day 4: New Orleans to Brownsville

Click to see a larger image I took the Causeway out of New Orleans then I-12 heading west towards Baton Rouge and the Texas border.

There is not much to see on the final leg through Louisiana... just swamps.

I-12 joins up with I-10 again up the road from New Orleans. It's I-10 all the way to Houston. The time to drive from New Orleans to Houston was 6 hours 5 mins.


Make certain you take the Sam Houston tollway around Houston to avoid all the traffic. You will come in to Houston on I-10, then the tollway south and west, and finally get off the tollway at US 59 (Southwest Freeway). They are about to rename US 59 to Interstate 69 which will go directly from Houston to Brownsville.

Houston to Brownsville

The highway south of Houston to Brownsville is in excellent shape. As I said, it is being constructed into I-69 so there are some stretches where bridges are being built and some minor detours (well marked). US 59 becomes US 77 at Victoria. You will take US 77 right to the border of Brownsville and Matamoros.

Don't underestimate the length of time it takes from Houston to Brownsville. It is a long drive.... 6 hours and 50 mins.


Brownsville Texas is a large town right on the Mexican border. I suggest you stay in Brownsville for the night and get a full days driving in Mexico. The picture above is about 3 miles from the border.

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