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Road trip from Florida to Cancun

Day 3 - Depart Pensacola for New Orleans

Day 3: Pensacoloa to New Orleans

Click to see a larger image Accents change in the "deep south." Life seems a bit more easy going. What I noticed most was swamp land, the Interstate built on "stilts" over swamps or bayous.

We cross the state line into Alabama from Pensacola Florida on I-10. In fact, we take I-10 all the way to Texas.


There are no tolls and the Interstate system is excellent with speed limits of 70mph. I probably saw 5 state troopers with radar going thru the 3 southern states of Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. They didn't seem interested in stopping me at about 78mph.

There is an excellent military museum just off I-10 when going through Mobile Alabama. Well worth the quick stop. $2 for parking. The USS Alabama is docked (above).

USS Drum - a World War II submarine

I apologize for all these pictures as it is not now the same after Hurricane Katrina - but I am certain that soon things will return to their natural beauty as is shown here in May 2005.

I am showing the trip as it happened with the utmost respect and deepest sympathy for the people affected during Hurricane Katrina in Aug 2005. May you all remember the beauty of these photos and EXPECT to see such beauty return soon.


It is a quick drive through Mississippi. I-10 gets very close to the Gulf of Mexico in some places..


Going through Louisiana takes about 5 hours. I stopped in New Orleans and stayed overnight. My advice? Pay a bit more and get a hotel in the French Quarter. Parking is a nightmare if you get a hotel room on the outskirts of town and need to drive downtown.


I-10 and I-12 both have longggggg bridges connecting the city to the land across the lake (above). I deviated my road trip here to visit Delacroix island, the former home of my friend Captain Joe (who now lives in Cancun).

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