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Road trip from Florida to Cancun

Day 6 - Tampico/Veracruz to Escarcega

Day 6: Tampico/Veracruz to Escarcega

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Road conditions vary greatly between Tampico and Veracruz. There is a lot of construction going on in the vicinity. Roads quickly change from brand new and well paved to winding mountainous gravel tracks with trucks trying to climb at 5mph.

This is the worst stretch of highway during your journey. Do NOT drive at night. Road signs are practically non-existant or the ones you see are confusing.

The 2 pictures above are on the "Emerald Coast" just north of Veracruz. Below is a picture of the beach north of Veracruz.... very brown sand, muddy water, and a lot of garbage.

Above is a comparison between the sand on the beach in Veracruz and in Cancun. Guess which one is which?

Getting around Veracruz

Several miles north of Veracruz you will see that the road splits. Take the "cuota" (toll road) towards Cordoba so that you avoid driving through the city of Veracruz. On the way to Cordoba watch for signs for Villahermosa and take the toll road there. Villahermosa is between Veracruz and Escarcega.

Potholes are everywhere around Veracruz. I hit one and with a huge bang it was severe enough to rip the inner cord of the tire. Check your tires when you hit one (not IF.... WHEN).

Carrie from Wisconsin emailed me with this tip: If your vehicle breaks down and you need a part from the US, use a courier service (she recommends DHL but I also find FedEx here very efficient). She sent her part by USPS Priority red ball overnight "guaranteed next day" etc. Nope... took overnight to get to the border, but 3 weeks to get to her in Villahermosa.

The autopista (Interstate) after Veracruz is very good. You can make up some time here. Even in the state of Tabasco much has improved in the last year.

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