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Things to see and do around Cancun

Cancun bus Kilometer marker in the Cancun hotel zone

Use the bus... not a taxi

Buses in the Cancun hotel zone run every 30 seconds and are loaded with tourists and locals. It is completely safe and dirt cheap at 6 pesos 50 (about 55 cents US). Get some small coins or 20 peso notes.... they don't accept US currency.

Mile markers (kilometers here) in the median tell you where you are. Everyone lists their km in their brochures. The Hotel Zone has only 1 street that is 25km long (about 16 miles). You can't get lost! If you want to go downtown take the R1 or R2 bus or any bus marked Wal-Mart or Mercado 28. Take the bus to go clubbing to/from your hotel.

This web site is generally for those of us that live in Cancun (and Cancun wannabees) but for you vacationers... here is the stuff that is the most popular.

My Canadian friend Brant and his Mexican wife run an excellent tourist service. They sell the exact same tours you can buy in your hotel but at discount prices. You will get on the same bus, the identical tour, everything exactly the same as your hotel sells.

Brant works out of his house manning the phones, tracking flights, talking with tour guides, with his staff 15 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many of the gringos and Mexicans here work for Brant. The guy is a walking electronic gizmo kind of nerd with cell phones hanging off him, PDA, and walkie talkies... sorry Brant but you ARE a bit nerdy!! haha... Scott

Get the Entertainment Plus card from Brant for 15 bucks and book tours on-line before you get here (in most cases no deposit required.. he works on the honor system). If you find lower prices in Cancun you can flame me on my bulletin board on this site. I highly recommend Brant.

Jungle Tour with Sunrise Marina Cancun Sunrise Marina Cancun

Jungle Tour

This is the most requested tour in Cancun. Drive a speedboat for 2 through the mangroves to an excellent snorkeling place.

Take the bus to km 15 in the Hotel Zone and catch the tour at Sunrise Marina. You can book it on-line at the guaranteed best price from Entertainment Plus.

Chichen Itza pyramid near Cancun

Chichen Itza

The tour to Chichen Itza is not to be missed. It's a 2-1/2 ride by air conditioned luxury coach. Stay for the night show if you can! book it on-line and learn more here

Chichen Itza pyramid near Cancun

Catamaran to Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is a sleepy island 5 miles off the coast of Cancun. Sail across on a catamaran and spend time exploring the island. book it on-line and learn more here

Market 28 Slide Show (click any picture)

Slideshow image

Airport Transportation Cancun

Airport Transportation

Need a pickup at the airport? Check prices and book it on-line here



Xcaret (pronounced shkaret) is an eco-park. Great beach, butterfly house, underground river, turtles, birds, Mayan village, and a fabulous night show. book it on-line and learn more here

Xelha and Tulum

Xelha and Tulum

Xelha (pronounced shell-haw) is an eco-park and Tulum is an ancient Mayan castle overlooking the sea. book it on-line and learn more here

Joe's Jeep Adventure tour is a hoot. You get to see a Mayan town, some ruins, a zoo, lunch on the beach, swim in a cenote (underground watering hole). The optional zip line over the jungle for 15 bucks is well worth it too. Jeep Aventures Cancun. Click here for more info...

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